Our Mission

Capital One Labs

Inspire, explore, enable, deliver.
Redefine the way people interact with their money.

Money is the central enabler for daily life – so why has the way we interact with our money remained relatively static?

While other industries have undergone major transformation, dramatic change in the financial services industry is decades overdue.  Capital One is on a journey to bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity back to banking. Money is never just digits on a screen to us – it’s someone’s groceries, first car, new home, or plane tickets home for the holidays. We measure our success by our customer’s success. In short, we’re on a quest to change banking for good.

That quest to change banking for good shows up across our business, and we’re making real time improvements that positively shape our customer’s financial health. As a company, we’re looking beyond today, and innovating for the future. Entrepreneurship is deeply ingrained in the DNA of our company – stemming from our founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board – Richard Fairbank.  

Founded in 2011, Capital One Labs is the company’s experimental product & technology incubator and accelerator. It’s a startup culture with the financial backing of a Fortune 200 company. With teams in SF, NYC, and DC, Labs is a cross-functional team of product managers, designers, data scientists, developers, and other innovators who are committed to our mission.

We do this by looking 2-3 years into the future to identify high impact opportunities, and then we set out to develop and deliver new and impactful solutions that help customers and Capital One succeed. In the last 5 years, we’ve accumulated volumes of world class consumer research, delivered several best-in-class products to market, scaled products in the business, and put building blocks in place that have helped to shape company strategy…and we’re just getting started.

Our Values

If our mission is the “why,” our values are the “how.” They guide how we work and how we make the decisions that help us realize our vision for the world.

Put Customers First, Always

We’re in the business of building lifelong relationships. While others may see accounts, we see people. We start with the human problem and work backwards from there – always.

Lead with Humility

We practice confidence without attitude. We’re servant leaders, who believe that real progress happens when we interact with openness and mutual respect.

Break the Right Glass

We respect our heritage but also believe that nothing is too sacred to shatter. We break the right glass to drive new breakthroughs, and we back it up with sound strategy and data.

Trust your Tribe

We bring together diverse perspectives to solve big problems. We elevate each other, stand for each other’s success, and build a culture of trust and mutual respect. We judge ideas by their merit, not by their author. And when we disagree, we openly work it out, wholly commit to the decision, and then high five.

Show, Don't Tell

We think big, start small, and learn fast. Greatness begins with small, focused, and iterative experiments. We show instead of tell, and we only promote ideas once they are real.

Create Building Blocks

We ensure that all of the work we do is valuable, even if we fail. We create building blocks – reusable processes, code, artifacts, and knowledge – and then we share them to grow communities of practice in and outside of the company. It’s about marking the trail so that those who come after know where to go and how to get there faster.

Learn then Teach

We’re hungry to learn and eager to teach. We stay connected to the outside world, so that we can bring the best of it here. We share what we know and learn because it sharpens our own understanding, and it strengthens our company.

Our Locations


DC Lab

Our DC Lab is technically located a brief metro ride outside the District in Arlington, Virginia. We occupy three floors of a building in the heart of Clarendon – a neighborhood buzzing with startups and VC firms. When you're not building next gen products, you can get competitive on the arcade machine (built in-house) or kick back with some cornhole on the balcony.


NY Lab

Our NY Lab is located in Manhattan’s hotbed for tech, the Flatiron District. We occupy three floors of a building we share with MasterCard, Mashable, and Gawker. There, you'll find amenities like an onsite shower, bike racks, and a pingpong table. What you might not find is the speakeasy. But it's there.


SF Lab

Our SF Lab is located at the heart of San Francisco's Financial District. We occupy two floors above a Capital One Cafe, and our amenities include a shuffleboard table and a napping nest. Many SF Lab team members also spend time hanging out at the Adaptive Path office, which is located in the Ferry Building.

Our Leaders


James Patterson

Head of Capital One Labs

James is the Co-Founder and Head of Capital One Labs. Under his leadership, the Labs have grown in scope, depth, and impact to the rest of the organization, and, in turn, have accelerated the Capital One’s transformation into a consumer technology leader. Prior to Capital One, James led product teams at startups Revolution Health, CarePages, and Quokka Sports, as well as at AOL. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. James, his wife, and their three daughters reside in Washington, DC.


Phil Kim

Head of Data

As Head of Data, Phil works to deliver more intuitive and intelligent experiences to help our customers succeed, as well as develop new approaches to high value analytical problems, such as risk prediction and fraud detection. Phil has an extensive background in designing and building technology-driven solutions and businesses. He successfully launched products and platforms for companies including MLB, Thomson Reuters, Conde Nast, and Pepsi as a consultant with Razorfish. He joined Capital One in 2012 when the company acquired Bundle Corp, a personal finance analytics startup that he co-founded. He holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in Computer Science from MIT where he focused on Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Outside of work, Phil enjoys running, poker, and spending time with his wife and three children.


Chris Risdon

Head of Design

As Head of Design, Chris leads a multidisciplinary team focused on empathy-to-iteration explorations of the next generation of financial services, with a focus on emerging behaviors and technologies. Previously, Chris was a design director for Adaptive Path, the pioneering experience design consultancy, now a part of Capital One. Chris has brought digital, and physical, products and services to market since 1996 and introduced and advanced new methods in design teaching to thousands of design professionals and students. Chris holds an MFA in design from the Savannah College of Art & Design and by night is an adjunct professor at the California College of the Arts, teaching interaction design theory and service design to the next generation of designers.


Jenn Scheurich

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Jenn oversees the Labs' strategy, business operations, and special projects. She has a passion for working across disciplines to bring together teams and drive transformative products and services. Jenn Scheurich received a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Prior to joining Capital One in 2015, Jenn spent 10 years in consulting and corporate strategy roles at IBM Business Consulting Services, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Gannett (now TEGNA). Jenn currently resides in Leesburg, VA with her husband, Scott, and their twins, Lily and Cooper.   


Orlena Yeung

Head of Product

As Head of Product, Orlena leads the discovery and incubation of new product and business opportunities. She brings deep consumer technology brands and product leadership experience. From launching two generations of Xbox brands to scaling Last.fm at CBS Interactive, Orlena has led teams to develop platforms enabling creativity, self-expression and everyday utility. Most recently, she was the Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Vitals, a consumer digital health start up. A Seattle native, she lives in New York City's Greenwich Village.