Designed for innovation and collaboration

Labs is designed for innovation and collaboration not just in the work we do, but our physical space. It was designed purposefully to allow for prototype making and design thinking. We have two offices, one in DC and one in NYC.

DC Office Image

DC Lab

Our DC Lab is technically located a brief metro ride outside the District in Arlington, Virginia. We occupy three floors of a building in the heart of Clarendon—a neighborhood buzzing with startups and VC firms. When you're not building next gen products, you can get competitive on the arcade machine (built in-house) or kick back with some cornhole on the balcony.


NY Lab

Our NY Lab is located in Manhattan’s hotbed for tech, the Flatiron District. We occupy three floors of a building we share with other innovative companies. There, you'll find amenities like an onsite shower, bike racks, and a pingpong table. What you might not find is the speakeasy—but it's there.

Four employees working together

Our People

We bring together diverse perspectives to solve big problems. We elevate each other, stand for each other’s success, and build a culture of trust and mutual respect. We judge ideas by their merit, not by their author. And when we disagree, we openly work it out, wholly commit to the decision, and then high five. 

“Everyone in Labs is a team player—all members of a product team operate with a degree of ownership, influence, and continuous impact.”