We explore the intersection of emerging technology and finance.

Labs builds innovative products, consumer experiences, and engineering solutions that advance Capital One® as a leader and better the lives of our customers.



Featured Work


Infrastructure for Machine Learning

Data Scientists spend an average of 20 days training a model and six months in deployment time. Can we create a platform to make model development simpler, while saving in infrastructure management costs?


Fraud Data Visualization Tool

Capital One® places a high priority on protecting customer and account information. Our extensive security program includes tracking criminal activity and developing tools that correlate fraud with other illegal activities. In order to protect our customers how might we continue to enhance the fraud detection process?


Redesigning the Credit Card

In the last 70 years, credit cards have hardly changed from a simple plastic rectangle with rounded edges. How can we reimagine the physical credit card as more than just a tool that accesses your credit, but as beautiful product that will elevate your purchasing experience?



Consider us a startup with the financial backing of a Fortune 500 company.

  • Build proof-of-concepts and partner with other teams in the company to ship products.

  • Explore the future of finance by gaining an empathic understanding of the problems that people will face within the next three years.

  • In addition to regular projects, we encourage our associates to spend time working on personal passion projects that they think will most benefit Capital One®.


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