Innovation for Impact

Our work focuses on efforts with business impact in six months to three years. We have expertise in consumer experience design, early stage business and product development, product experimentation, and an understanding of emerging technologies.

Here’s a sample of the projects we work on:


Infrastructure for Machine Learning

Data Scientists spend an average of 20 days training a model and six months in deployment time. Can we create a platform to make model development simpler, while saving in infrastructure management costs?


Redesigning the Credit Card

In the last 70 years, credit cards have hardly changed. They’ve remained a simple plastic rectangle with rounded edges. How can we reimagine the physical credit card as more than just a tool that accesses your credit, but as beautiful product that will elevate your purchasing experience?


Capital One® Wallet

Labs was the first to launch an app that sent push notifications to users on their transaction spending, which customers LOVED! This app was also the first of Capital One® apps to integrate Touch ID and Apple Pay. Features added in Wallet were used as a test bed then moved over into the main Capital One® app.


Fraud Data Visualization Tool

Capital One® places a high priority on protecting customer and account information. Our extensive security program includes tracking criminal activity and developing tools that correlate fraud with other illegal activities. Can we build an internal data visualization tool to enhance the fraud detection process?


Most of the work we do is confidential.

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